​​​​​​​​​​​​​     My name was given to me by my Grandfather's Great Grandmother from the Spirit World. Being the original "Blue Star", she requested that I carry her name forward for she works with me in making the Intuitive Prayer Feather Fans and taking out the blockages in the Etheric Body. I believe that she was a healer in her time and joins with my soul today to support and teach me in my healing work.

      When I moved from California back to my home state of Missouri in 1995,  I 



     I have worked at metaphysical fairs in MO, AR, KS, OK, IL, NE, MI, and now CA teaching others about the healing power of Stones, Crystals, Feathers and Bird Energies. My favorite subjects to teach about are the Etheric Body and the past life stories held there as well as the Akashic Records. I would be glad to answer any questions you may have. .

​​​​​​met a healer who was making Prayer Feathers.  I was drawn to their beauty and the tradition of using Native American Prayer Feather Fans to smudge an area in the way my ancestors have done for centuries. I believe in the power of the bird energies and have learned from Ted Andrews' book "Animal-Speak" what the different feathers mean. I was honored to display my Prayer Feathers at one of ​​​​​​​​​​​Ted's workshops as an example of the use of his book.​
     When I first began I felt that I was creating a Prayer Feather in a specific way for someone and would always smile inwardly when that person showed up at a fair and couldn't put it down. I knew then whom I had made it for. Ted's book was a good basis for me but as my work has evolved I am sometimes given other meanings for the feathers that are specific to the person it's being designed for. Since reading the book “Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records” by Kevin J. Todeschi regarding Edgar Cayce’s use of those records, I decided to consciously pull from the Akashic Records and the energy of the person’s name in making their Prayer Feather. I know this process works because most of the Prayer Feathers I make are for people that I have never met. I get wonderful feedback on how well I capture their personality.

​      I am of Indigenous descent but I was not brought up with any of "the ways" and the Prayer Feathers I make are not traditionally made, although I cleanse each Prayer Feather in the traditional Indian way by smudging before releasing it.   I rely on the Spirit World for guidance,  along with

my intent, to incorporate the appropriate healing energies in each Prayer  Feather.

      I started removing the "Etheric Crystals" in 1996. That term came from the book "What is Lightbody". I was originally taught by a healer who dealt mainly with blockages in the head that prevents knowledge of who you really are and what you're really here to do.  Then, being a detail-oriented person, I started finding the past life stories throughout the entire body. At first the stories were pretty basic but as I gained experience I developed the process and the descriptions of past life traumas became more detailed. (This process usually takes 2 hrs and is recorded.

      Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" was the book that opened my eyes and started my journey in working with the etheric body. His book tells, from documented cases, why and when we came back to Earth and how we choose the specifics of our lives according to the lessons we come back to learn. I promote his book as it gives clinical explanation for past life influences and memories held in the body that affect this life. 
     L. Joseph Nichols great book titled "The Soul as Healer" talks in detail about the etheric body and is a wonderful follow up book to what I do. He discusses how to heal past life traumas found in the etheric body and how to interact with the Higher Selves to work through pain and forgiveness. I have read several books that touch on the etheric body but this book was the first that I found that really explains it thoroughly as to why there are memories in our etheric body, both good and bad, and how to reprogram ourselves to heal the trauma.