"Joanne Klemstein is a lovely, intuitive, compassionate and very loving person. Joanne has worked with me regarding Etheric Crystal removal and it's been enlightening and very special. She also created the most lovely Prayer Feather for me that I treasure so much. I'm hoping Joanne can help you as well as she's helped me and continues to do so."

​Linda S., Michigan


"Joanne, thank you so much for my beautiful prayer feather fan! I absolutely love it and resonate deeply with it and all you wrote. With deep gratitude."

Thalia T., California


"Joanne, Jerry really liked his prayer feathers.  He was really impressed with your description of him.  I think you got him good!   We will be hanging it up in the cabin when he can decide where he wants to put it.  He had a good birthday weekend too." 

Sharyn S., Michigan


​"Joanne, I have been using your magnificent Prayer Feather in healings. It is such an honor to work with it. Reading the explanation sheet is always overwhelming for me. I have yet to read it through completely without being moved to tears. The tears are of course for the beauty, grace and love that radiates from the prayer feathers. It is amazing, just like you."

Nancy G.R., Michigan 


​​"Joanne. I was taken back by the beauty and energy of the sacred saging feathers that you created for me. Their aura will provide a higher level to any ceremony that I perform using them. The reading that came along with them was spot on and was welcomed. Your talent to channel my design and create this one-of-a-kind pieces of art, is masterful. Thank you for providing me with this sacred tool." 

Bill U. , California


"Joanne made a very special prayer feather for my sister and for me. The descriptions of what she felt compelled to express in each of our creations were so spot on and, in such, very meaningful. The feather creations were as different as the two of us are. When I met Joanne, i felt drawn to her gentle, grounded, humble, honest energy. I was in a location filled with chaotic, ego based, scattered energies...she was the calm in the cacophony, no pretense, no pushing, simply present. When she held my hands during a reading my hands were intensely warm which for me implies energy work is taking place. Her visions of a future for me drawn from a past life, felt right and possible. My sister was also moved by the prayer feather and accompanying words that she wants to meet and work with Joanne. Moreover, I misplaced something very important to me and Joanne went out of her way to figure out who it belonged to, call me, and mail it on the promise of repayment for postage...the trust we had inately going back and forth across money exchanges is a testament to one good soul recognizing another...joanne is a good soul with special intuitive and creative gifts."

Pamela V. , California​