​       Have you ever had a fear of fire or water in this life and there is no logical reason for it? Maybe you have a fear of an animal that you have had no bad experiences with in this lifetime. Maybe you have claustrophobia. Have you ever bristled at the presence of, and instantly did not like someone you just met? Maybe you just loved, and immediately felt totally comfortable with a new acquaintance? These, I believe, are examples of memories being held in your etheric body of interactions with these souls in other lifetimes.
         I have removed past life crystals from the neck of an elderly gentleman who had, in a former life, been hung as a black slave in the early days of the South. His neck was actually bent forward and he told me that his daughter in this life also had the same misalignment. When he said this I saw a glimpse of he and his daughter hanging side by side from the limb of a tree as two black slaves, friends, from the same plantation. Their families had been very hungry and these two men had stolen chickens, had been caught by the owners who were now watching the proceedings with their shotguns. 

        I have removed past life crystals from a bullet wound in the neck of someone who appeared to me to be Abe Lincoln with the tall black top hat and long-tailed black coat. The client checked out from history books where the bullet wound was in the neck and the one I found was in the right place. I have removed crystals from someone who in another lifetime and galaxy was an upright being with a tail like an alligator. I have removed etheric crystals shaped like CD’s planted in the forehead and back of the neck that were used as tracking devices by E.T. beings. There are a number of Atlantean discs also that I remove that were used for control devices. I have removed etherically film from the eyes of a lady whose retinas were detaching. After the “etheric crystal” removal her doctors told her they were reattaching and they didn’t know why.  Some of the things I see I do not understand due to it being from another galaxy, body form I am not familiar with, or maybe a parallel life in the same time period that I feel could not be possible if you didn’t believe in parallel lives. I sometimes find angel or faerie wings when the soul comes from those realms having decided to do an “earth experience”. Lately it is more about learning your "Soul Story".
         It is a wonderful push forward and can create many great changes in your life to remove the blockages. Sometimes it is just the catapult forward needed to get out of a hopeless, disabling relationship that has kept you trapped and depressed for years. I do not encourage divorce in any way but there are times that a soul is confined or enslaved and needs out. I am happy to help them be free. Sometimes you just need to know you don’t have to allow your children to manipulate and use you any longer. It could be what you need to change jobs or professions for your betterment. We need to know who we are and why we have decided to come back this time. We have so much to do for humanity and we have chosen to be here at this particular time and place to do our part. It is never too late…you are never too old! Once the crystals are removed, we can fill the voids with “light” and allow the guidance and information in that best helps us grow and will enable us to head straight for the path that we have chosen in between lives. You will feel much lighter to rid yourself of extra baggage!
       I always pray that “Spirit” will bring my services to the attention of only those souls who are wanting, and are ready for this change, and who will be able to deal with the shift forward that it brings. I hope you are one that is ready and I look forward to meeting you!

Blue Star Woman (Joanne Klemstein Stoll)

        We are all looking for more ways to expand who we are, find a place that feels like home, what we truly believe and decide what our part is to make a better future. People are searching for answers other than what traditional church doctrine provides and we’re now more open to learning about what we can do about trauma, blockages, and releasing things no longer needed in our bodies.

      I was taught to take out the “etheric crystals” in the cellular memory over 20 years ago. This term is found in the books “The Light Shall Set You Free” and “What Is Lightbody?” In several other books also, “The Healing Energy of Your Hands” and “Healing the Past” they are 


​​​mentioned as “blockages” or “implants”. Sylvia Browne has a book that I encourage you to read that explains in detail about cellular memory entitled “Past Lives, Future Healing”.  The book to the left is by A.E. Powell and was written and published in 1925!  That's almost 100 years ago that the information about the etheric body was known! This book described it at that time as the "Etheric Double". The illustration shows in white where the etheric body is and where I find the past life stories. 
​        When first taught I was finding and removing the “knowledge” crystals in the head that blocks the knowledge of who you really are and what you are really here to do. We agreed, in between lives, to have this knowledge blocked until the time we are ready to do our life’s work  (see “Journey of Souls”,
 ​“Destiny of Souls” and “Memories of the Afterlife” by Michael Newton, PhD). When it’s time for the "crystals" to come out people may start having actual physical problems because of their existence. I have had reports of physical problems disappearing after the removal process even though these “crystals” are not in physical form. I am always happy to hear of that and encourage feedback on the results after the removal because it also gives encouragement in this new frontier of removing “etheric crystals”, energy blockages, and implants. 
      The crystals that I find from the neck down are normally “past life” or "cellular" memories that come from a lifetime when you were stabbed, hung, burned, shot, drowned, miscarried, maimed, etc. I place my hand on the spot that is “hot” to me and the picture of what you looked like, the time period and clothing, and the story of what occurred comes to me and I will relate those incidents to you. In Sylvia Browne’s book “Life on the Other Side”, she relates how the trauma you went through in another lifetime is, sometimes, carried forward to this date and time…in your current physical body. That is my belief now from doing this type of healing work. 
       Most people have had many past lives so that would be a lot of trauma held in the body. Some trauma affects us more than others though and different personalities react in different ways. All the lifetimes that come up for healing at one session directly relate to people and situations that you are dealing with in the present time. Six to ​​nine months down the road from the initial removal you may be ready for another series to be removed. You will know when it is time. I teach every client the basics when I work on them for I don’t want anyone to be dependent on me although I am honored to do this for them if they don’t feel comfortable in doing it themselves. 
       Before I begin with each client, I ask “Spirit” and our many guides to assist me and I pray that the past lives that are relevant to now present themselves to me for healing. When you “hear” or, in some cases, “see” the trauma of the past life I am describing, you can release that trauma and work on forgiving the person causing it and enable the physical problems connected with this lifetime to lessen or disappear.