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       I didn't always know that I was making them intuitively but as time passed I realized that was happening. That knowledge came through my love of books and finding information on the Akashic Records, being Empathic, Intuition and it turned into more work with the Etheric Body, their Akashic Records and the Past Life stories. When I have the name of who I am making the Prayer Feather Fan for, I go into meditation and I "see" the person's past lives, their soul story and I get a mind's eye picture of their Prayer Feather Fan. Then it is up to me to make it as close to that as I can. I have to find the feathers, research the past life stories I see, the reasons for the colors, numbers, and the significance of the feathers, etc. It can take 3-4 weeks to make these depending on the list of clients I have at the time. I charge $275 for these. (You pay the shipping) 
       I can also make a prayer fan out of special feathers significant to you, possibly a pet bird, or special feathers that you would want in your prayer feather fan....just because you love that type of feather. It would be up to me to design the additional feathers that would fit with those based on my experience. These are "non-intuitive" prayer feather fans. They would cost less. Below are examples of smaller, simpler feathers that can be purchased to clear your office, car, apartment, that would be easier to travel with. ($25-$40)


​​        I have been designing and perfecting the technique of making these Intuitive Prayer Feather Fans since 1996. I met a very beautiful lady named Marilyn Harper (see her link on Recommended Links/Website under "Adironnda" at the top of the list) at a Holistic Fair in Springfield, MO who was making these beautiful Prayer Feather Fans and it made me realize my love of the special energies of the birds. A few months later Marilyn got involved in another phase of her healing abilities and decided to gift her collection of bird feathers to me. I discovered a way to put them together and, even though they are not traditionally made in the American Indian way, I always clear the energy of the feathers by smudging before releasing them to my client.